It’s a well-known fact that the more aggressive the camshaft profiles, the heavier spring pressure you need to be running. Matching the correct valve springs is critical to avoid valve bounce or premature camshaft wear. 

This is the specific reason that with each camshaft, we recommend a spring to suit the camshaft. The Camtech range of springs has been manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they don’t fail in service. 

Camtech Cams also have spring kits which contain all of the components required when installing your new camshaft. Springs kits can be supplied in single, dual springs or dual with a damper.  

Most spring kits drop straight in, however if machining is required we will need to know the exact installed height and spring pressures for your application. 

The Camtech Cams retainers and locks are all machined out of premium grade chrome molly steel, making sure they go the distance.