When you increase the power output of the engine by upgrading the camshaft, chains are the first thing to fail and or stretch. In either case a catastrophic failure is a very high probability. 

Camtech Cams has worked tirelessly with their manufacturing partners to develop components designed for example, the LS range of engines, (and or other V8 and 6 cylinder engines), like the double row timing chains with vernier adjustment to dial in the camshaft. And for the Japanese engines, adjustable cam wheels are the recommended course of action to ensure your cam/s are dialled in perfectly.  

The chains in our timing kits use the latest technologies to ensure trouble free running, and the gear sets are machined out of premium chrome molly billet, giving you a wear resistance second to none. 

Camtech Timing Kits come with the spacers required to step out oil pumps in engines like the LS series.  

If you’re putting a Cam in your car you’re well advised to update the Timing Kit at the same time, the peace of mind it will give you is priceless. 

Check our online store for components for your make and engine, or if you like you can contact us or see the recommendations for your Cam in the Cam Selection, located on our website.