Want more horsepower for your LS?

Then watch this

It stands to reason, when you have a superior oil you get superior performance… Period!!!

Driven Racing Oil has taken what they’ve learned in the unforgiving world of NASCAR racing and woven that same technology into a range of products that work over time more economically than standard oils.

Driven Racing Oil has a range of Diesel Oils designed to perform over time in modern high performance diesels that are commonly found in Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, VW and other tow vehicles like your F Series Ford trucks, Dodge

Rams and GMC’s. This list is not extensive and Driven Racing Oil has an oil for just about every car, SUV or truck on the road…    


Here’s some more information about the Diesel products.

High performance petrol engines are covered off as well, with the Driven Racing Oil range of street products designed to perform in everything from an LS to the mega high performance German imports.

Diesel Day in Driven Booth in SEMA
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Driven Racing Oil Street Performance Engine Oils come in 3 ranges;

  1. Conventional Oils
  2. Synthetic Oils
  3. Diesel Oils

Learn more about the Street Performance Engine Oils here….

From your muscle car to the high performance super car, Driven Racing Oil has got you covered. Camtech Cams is a Driven Racing Oil Dealer, feel welcome to Contact Us and ask about the range of Driven Motor Oils for your car and how they can improve, fuel economy, horsepower and protect your engine.