You may not know that at 8000 rpm, a piston goes up and down 132 times a second. The valve train is running at approximately ½ of that speed, thus the valve opens and closes 66 times a second at the same rpm. 

You could imagine the stress and strain the rockers are going through… this is why you need quality rockers or a trunnion upgrade to allow the valve train to live longer and save you money on failed engines. 

This is why at Camtech we’ve sourced a premium producer of roller rockers to ensure that your engine survives the punishment you’re about to hand out to it. 

A roller rocker as a general rule has a roller on the nose of the rocker that produces smoother running over more aggressive designs of camshafts. The roller needles in the trunnion and the nose of the rocker reduces friction and frees up more horsepower. This is why if you’re building a race motor, roller rockers are the clever choice for the engine build. 

There’s an alternative and we’ve seen a big shift in endurance racing away from roller rockers to trunnion kits. For example, the LS rockers are a really light rocker and they’re shaped well, and to be honest are super strong. So instead of junking them for some cool looking bling, you can perform a trunnion upgrade to the rockers, put them back in and they’ll be reliable over time. We have sourced from our manufacturing partners both premium roller rocker assemblies and trunnion kit upgrades. 

A good formula to use here is if the engine is standard, use the OEM rockers. If the engine is a street or race motor, do the trunnion or roller rocker upgrade in alignment with the Camshaft recommendations and the spring and retainers that have been advised for the selected camshaft. If you need a hand with making this decision we’re always happy to help you out by either filling out the Camshaft Design Form or contacting us. Remember, a little more spent now is going to save you a heap more in rebuilds later.