In the unforgiving world of Racing, your oil has to perform in totally extreme conditions. And it was in NASCAR that Driven Racing Oil crafted oils that have facilitated winning over 100 races and 7 NASCAR championships.

The initial need for improved oil was when their race team kept having failures, they started their own oil program. The research into the properties, technology and the performance of their oil allowed engines to not only survive for longer, but thrive in extremely punishing conditions.

As the old saying goes, ‘If you want to finish first, first you have to finish’, and that is not going to happen if your engine is scattered over the road and your engine bay.

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Viscosity is one of the key factors in allowing engines to live and Driven Racing Oil has gone the extra mile in developing a range of oils that have higher shear points and durability.




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As you would expect with a company that is born out of racing they have a complete range of scientifically proven Race Engine Oils…

There are 3 distinct groups of Racing Oils, they are;

  • Synthetic Racing Oils
  • Semi Synthetic Racing Oils
  • Petroleum Racing Oils

Each one is designed to be used specifically in an application. Their range covers everything from qualifying oils, unrestricted engines, 800+ cubic inch Dragster engines. There are specific oils for flat tappet and roller engines and high temperature turbo charged applications…



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Driven Racing Oil is proven on the race track and tested in the lab, their NASCAR program has been the backbone of their research and development. Their results depend on it and so do yours… Camtech Cams is the place to buy your Driven Racing Oil.


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