Driven LS30 5W-30 Synthetic Oil (6.62 Litres)


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Part no: D-LS30-7


6.62 Litres (7 Quarts) Driven LS30, 5W-30 Synthetic Oil. Designed for High Performance LS Series Engines , Late Model V8 and 6 Cylinder Roller Engines.





Driven LS30, 5W-30 Synthetic Oil.
6.62 Litres (7 Quarts)
Designed for high performance LS series engines. Utilizes advanced synthetic base oils to provide high temperature and high shear protection. Ideal for LS based engines and supercharged LS performance engines. Also good for late model V8,
6 cyl Roller engines and OHC Japanese engines.
High Temperature Sheer Protection.
Friction Reducing Additives.
Meets the Demands of VVT Systems.

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