Building engines requires;

  • Skill
  • Attention to detail
  • Craftsmanship
  • The ability to take a combination of parts and bring them together and make them work.


When you think about it these are the same elements that you need in a professional oil and lubricants. Too much of certain additives/elements can be catastrophic for an engine.

The science team of PHD’s in the Driven Racing Oil lab has created a range of engine assembly products for the engine builder that appreciates quality.

The Driven Racing Oil range covers;

  • Engine Assembly Grease
  • High Viscosity Lubricant
  • Break in Oils


Each one of these as been proven in the heat of NASCAR racing and is guaranteed to outperform other oils.


Here is a video about how Driven Racing Oil gets the blend of the oil just right.


We all know that it is about the 1% that make the horsepower in an engine.

  • Balancing the rotating assembly.
  • Blueprinting the engine so the tolerances are perfect.
  • Torqueing everything to exact measurements.
  • Getting the correct squish.

Here’s proof.

Driven Does More-export.pdf

And part of this equation is about getting the correct oil that will aid not only in lubrication, cooling and cleaning, it will also stand up to hours of punishment. In some cases Driven Racing Oil has been shown to create more horsepower in your engine.

Download the Bearing Clearance Sheet here.


If you’re an engine builder or you are having an engine built, you need to be using Driven Racing Oil to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your engine.

Download The Driven Racing Oil Workshop Product Sheet here.



You’ve spent the money, now it is time to protect it…

To learn more on how you can stock Driven Racing Oil and Lubricants for your workshop or home servicing, Contact us here at Camtech Cams. We are an Australian dealer and distributor of Driven Racing Oil.