All oils are the same right?


The stresses in an engine both on the street and or on the road are quite amazing..

Think about it for a second at 4,000 rpm a piston goes up and down 66 times second. A camshaft turns 2,000 times a minute, a valve opens and shuts faster than you can blink your eye and at 6,500 rpm a piston in a standard stroke LS engine travels at 65.4 ft/s.

That’s not to mention the heat, pressure and contamination that your oil has to cope with.

It is your oil’s job to make all of this happen day in day out, fuss free with no failures.


And that’s where science comes in, and Driven Racing Oil has been at the forefront of NASCAR racing in the USA, and has developed oil that keep their racing engines running harder for longer and more reliably. To achieve this result they have to create an oil that is far superior to normal oils.

Through the use of the Driven Racing Oils lab, they were able to create a brand of oils that outperform, outlast and over time are more cost effective than your traditional oil.

Now wouldn’t you want the best for your engine?

If so, Driven Racing Oil should be your first choice.


You might know Driven Racing Oils as Joe Gibb, and you would be right. Over time the brand has evolved to be in alignment with the needs of today’s customers.

To learn more about the tech, here is a series of 5 videos that will give you the full insight into the fundamentals of Driven Racing Oil products.

5 Things You Need To Know About Oil | Part 1: The Four R's
5 Things You Need To Know About Oil | Part 2: Balance Is Best
5 Things You Need To Know About Oil | Part 3: Clean, Cool, & Dry


5 Things You Need To Know About Oil | Part 4: Get The Facts
PRI 2015: Power Automedia with DRIVEN RACING OIL


Driven Racing Oil creates superior engine oils for;

  • Street Use (link to Street page)
  • Race Use (link to Race page)
  • Marine Use (link to Marine page)
  • And a range of Engine Building Products. (Link to Engine Building Products page)


Driven Racing Oil are about Science vs Passion, they build products for people who understand that engines need to be protected and spending a little extra on far superior oil is the best insurance against engine blow ups and premature wear.         

To learn more about Driven Racing Oil Contact us here at Camtec Cams, and we can guide you in the right direction or fill you in on any specifications you might need.