There are over 30 years of history in the making of the name Camtech Cams, and we could spend all your valuable time telling you how we got here. In reality it all boils down to some pretty simple values, which include; 

  1. Always sell the correct camshaft to a customer.
  2. Strive for superior quality and then make it better.
  3. The devil is in the detail, so we’ll never recommend a Camshaft without the full information.
  4. Source and sell only premium quality components.
  5. Make it easy for the customer with Kit recommendations.

We understand you want to get the best bang for your buck, and over time the way cam and engine wear is determined is by a range of factors, which is exactly why we recommend complimentary components. This ensures your peace of mind when you bolt the engine together. We’ve done the research and testing to make sure you will not be let down by faulty components. 

To deliver the best quality and durability we’ve developed partnerships with the best component manufacturers in the world,who develop and deliver products that meet our internal quality standards.

Camtech Cams can supply; 

  • Hydraulic Roller Camshafts
  • Solid Roller Camshafts
  • Flat Tappet Camshafts
  • Reground Camshafts
  • Roller Rockers and Trunnion Kits
  • Valve Springs and Valve Spring Kits
  • Lifters, Hydraulic, Solid, Roller and Flat Tappet
  • Timing Sets and Gears
  • Retainers and Locks
  • Oil

At Camtech Cams we’re proud of the reputation we’ve created in the marketplace, and even more proud of the people who have gone out in the competitive Motorsport world using our products to stand on top of the podium. 

In a nutshell you could say,at Camtech we are famous for our knowledge, capability, history and commitment to quality. To learn more about us or to find the right cam for your project contact us.