Holden/Chev LS Link Bar Hyd Roller Lifters
Holden/Chev LS Link Bar Hyd Roller Lifters



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When you build a race, street car or even a stocker, you’re more than likely going to tip a significant amount of money into the project. The engine and the spec of the re-build are critical to the amount of enjoyment you’re going to have in the car. One major consideration is the type of Camshaft to be used in the car. The Camshaft determines the power output and the characteristics of the engine.  

So choosing the right Cam for the designed purpose of the car is of maximum priority. At Camtech Cams, we have over 30 years of recommending cams and have backed our knowledge and dyno results to deliver the right cam for the right job every time, giving you peace of mind.      

We have a saying; ‘A good camshaft choice means great usability, driveability and reliability’. Our precision machining process means you’ll get quality every time, and that is the main reason our brand in the market is known for superior performance and the highest level of quality.  

Cam Recommendations:
Let us do the hard work for you. By filling out our Cam Recommendation Form, this will allow us to take the time to advise you on the optimal camshaft for your engine. Fill yours out here.
Technical Information:
We’ve been putting our cams to the test for years, and have an extensive network of racers, engine builders and resellers, feeding information back to us to build a better camshaft. Learn more here.
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